Terms and Conditions on Data Protection

"ein-g" refers to the service provided subject to these General Terms and Conditions and/or ein-g GmbH.

The protection of your personal data is of utmost concern to ein-g.

In these terms and conditions on data protection ein-g would like to inform you about how ein-g treats your personal data and how you can exchange this data with other users of ein-g.

These terms and conditions supplement the General Terms and Conditions for using ein-g.

1. Basic Principles of ein-g for handling your Personal Data

ein-g strictly adheres to the following basic principles in the protection of your Personal Data:

ein-g shall collect, process and use your Personal Data in accordance with the laws and statutes on data protection of the Federal Republic of Germany and those of the European Union. ein-g shall use your Personal Data solely to provide you the ein-g Services on the Internet for which you have registered. ein-g will never pass your Personal Data on to any third party, neither for advertising, nor for marketing or for any other purposes without your consent. With the exception of some general information about your profession you alone decide which of the Personal Data you have made available to ein-g may be displayed by ein-g to other members of ein-g (cf. Section 3 of these Terms and Conditions on Data Protection). Persons not registered with ein-g may only view your Personal Data to the extent that you enable and allow them to do so (cf. Section 4).


2. Definitions

The following terms used in these Terms and Conditions on Data Protection shall have the following meanings:

"Personal Data" shall mean all data and/or information about your profession or your person.
"ein-g Websites" shall mean all websites on which ein-g provides the ein-g Services.
"ein-g Members" shall mean all registered users of ein-g on the ein-g Websites.
"ein-g Services" shall mean all registration based services provided by ein-g on the ein-g Websites.
"Registration Data" shall mean the Personal Data you are obliged to make available to ein-g in the registration process for the ein-g Services (mandatory fields).
"Profile" shall mean the ein-g Website where the Personal Data you have made available to ein-g is displayed in accordance with your specifications and your consent.


3. What does ein-g know about you, what do you give ein-g and ein-g Members permission to do, and what happens with your Personal Data?

3.1 Registration Data

In order for the ein-g Services to function, ein-g needs to collect and process certain elements of your Personal Data in the course of the registration process. First of all, this consists of the following data:


Your password is never visible to any ein-g Member at any time. ein-g shall never disclose or pass your password on to any third party.

Furthermore, you will need to fill out certain mandatory fields in the course of the registration process, such as:

Your E-Mail Address
First name
Last name

The following Personal Data from these mandatory fields is accessible to other ein-g Members without any restrictions:

First name
Last name


3.2 Voluntary Data

If you wish, you may provide additional information about yourself apart from the mandatory data on a voluntary basis (hereinafter referred to as "Voluntary Data"). For example you may enter your postal address or also upload a photograph of yourself.

Your photo is the only part of this data that is made available to other ein-g Members.

You can revoke Voluntary Data at any time by deleting the data in question from your profile.


4. Cookies and pixels

"Cookies" are small files that enable us to store specific information related to you, the User, on your PC or other end device while using the ein-g services. Cookies help to analyze usage frequency, the number of people who use our website, user behavior on our website, advertising effectiveness, and to increased security and tailor our service offering to your needs.

After you have logged in to the ein-g Services with your username and password, ein-g uses so-called "session cookies" in order to identify you during the course of your session. Upon the termination of your session, the session cookie will be automatically deleted.

ein-g Services also use "permanent cookies" to record information about visitors to the ein-g Websites who repeatedly use the ein-g Services. Permanent cookies are designed to help us continually improve the products and services we offer you. Permanent cookies store parts of your login data in encrypted form. Apart from that Permanent cookies do not contain personal information such as your name, IP address, etc., meaning that we do not generate profiles based on user behavior.

You can edit the settings of your browser to prevent cookies from being stored, to limit the storage of cookies to certain websites, or such that your browser informs you every time a cookie is sent. You can also delete cookies from your PC’s hard drive at any time. However, please note that you will not be able to take advantage of the ein-g Services if session cookies are deactivated.

Third-party cookies could also be stored on your PC or end device when using ein-g and/or ein-g applications which are partially or entirely provided by third parties. You can prevent such cookies from being stored in your browser by adjusting the browser settings accordingly.

ein-g uses so-called pixels, Web beacons, clear GIFs and other similar mechanisms ("Pixels"). A pixel is an image file or link to an image file added to the Website code but not sent to your end device (e.g. PC, smartphone, etc.). Pixels are largely used for the same reasons as cookies, i.e. to analyze the number of people who use our website or, if the user's email program allows HTML, to determine whether and when an email was opened. Pixels help us to check and optimize the effectiveness of our Websites, offers and advertising campaigns. Pixels do not provide us with personal information and do not enable us to track users. Pixels are usually used in conjunction with cookies. If you have deactivated the use of cookies in your browser, then the pixel will only report an anonymous website visit.


5. Log Files

Each time you access a website from the ein-g Websites, ein-g will save the following data in a log file (the so called "server log"):

The time, status, and amount of the transferred data, as well as the website from which you have reached the requested page of the ein-g Websites (the so-called "referrer") The product and release information from your Internet browser (the so called "user agent") and your IP address.

This log file will be stored by ein-g in the standardized W3C extended format. ein-g does not attribute the website demands stored in the log file to specific individual users. However, ein-g reserves the right to review the log files if ein-g has reasonable cause to believe that the member is using ein-g Services and/or ein-g Websites in breach of contractual agreements or the applicable legislation. In doing this, ein-g is protecting other ein-g Members, the safety of ein-g Members’ data, as well as ein-g Websites and the ein-g Services.


6. Minors

Membership of ein-g Services is reserved for persons who have reached the legal age of 18. Parents and legal guardians are responsible for the protection of their children's privacy.


7. Accessibility of these Terms and Conditions on Data Protection

These Terms and Conditions on Data Protection are accessible from any website of the ein-g Websites under the link "Data Protection".